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san francisco city boy, semi- managed youngin' runnin' wild...from the beach dreamed then reached to live there, north, twelve short miles

9.15.10 7A.M.

Bo Bay Today

When asked to write
One more poem
I felt afraid
Afraid of the unknowing

Yet the juice lives there
When I close my eyes
So here is a peek
Of under Bo skies

Twelve Harrier gulls
Line Stinson sand…and
Two crows chase randomly
In the fog, stand grandly

Softly waves fall

Out in the mist
As I get the gist
Of pen and wrist
Etch with each twist
Still out in the mist
Softly waves fall

Endlessly the love
Flows streaming from this bay
Fits all like a glove
A home for heart to stay

-Right here today, on the Bo Bay

4/7/10 2nd to Last All Day Music Show

Hitchhiked here

First four years

Penned the scene

Bobo dreams

Now today

As poets go

Tune-in newly

For a brand new show

Gurgling still

As cormorants will

Submerged corks rise

Flappin’ into blue skies

Bo town’s filled

New faces,  many thrilled

Many gone new directions

Always making new selections

One long gull,  as usual

Flaps landing by my head

Sits back-lit by burning sun

September first for more radio fun

Right here today on the Bo Bay

4.15.10 9:30am

Lime green
Splotch’s spread
Down hillsides seen
O’er a seal’s head

Poking through
Cherub sized
Water smoothed
Big brown eyes

Beach galore
Stretch far and wide
Sand as much
As stars on high
(at night)

Gray moved in
Dropped ten degrees
Wind chill factored
Made me sneeze

Dogs ramble to and fro
A Lab takes a dip
Folks ramble too and so
The fresh seen sun
Can warm our wit

-Right here today on the Bo Bay

Wed., January 27, 2010, 8AM

Ribbon of blue
Frosts like cake
Across the ridge
Above the lake

The tide is in
Full monty
Cormorants float
A ducky jaunty

Debris strewn
Bo streets
Storms subside
Folks greet

Shorebirds sit
Drowning in the din
On Stinson spit
Playin’ grab-ass in the wind

Terns are turnin’
Into the hue
Of scattered clouds breakin’
And that ribbon of blue

-Right here today on the Bo Bay

My Olds is rockin’
Back and forth while parked
Winds push my tush
Like being nudged by a shark

Angry ocean

Trees askew
Tossed about
Toothpick logs
Twist and shout

Bobbin’ gull
Rides the hell
Dis and reappears
On this roller coaster swell

Heater’s blastin’
Auto’s leaning
Side to side
Raindrops gleaming

At the Bobo moat
Don your winter coat

-Right here today on the Bo Bay

Wed. December 2, 2009, 8am

Tides flood high
Moon is full
Moves the oceans
Yanks and pulls

Pelicans on roost again
Rapid waters ripple
Cools the rising updrafts
With the folding of each dimple

Over land
Through space

The invisible force
Moves all liquids
Unknown destinations

Forever melting

The seen with the scene

Seemingly seamless

-Right here today on the Bo Bay

Wed. Nov. 25,2009, 8am

Can’t be late
Out the gate
Scoot on up
To the Pacific plate

Blazin’ fire
Solar mire
Boats aspire
To pull pots of wire

Crabs galore
Season’s in
On the seabed floor
Is where they begin

Walkin’ sideways
All of their days
Then ‘shock and awe’
When poking in a claw

Quick onto the boat
Crabbers snag the lot
Boilin’ up the brine they go
From pot to pot to pot

-Right here today on the Bo Bay

Ooh ooh
Arctic chill
Slipped in from
Around the hill

Little Mesa
Tall,  be bold
Shades Wharf Road
Harbors cold

Ocean breeze
Really sings
Across one’s face
Really stings

Sun’s arose
Not a flower
Blinding bright
O’er Sutro tower

Currents rush
Sea foams fly
Sitting gull
Gives me the eye

-Right here today on the Bo Bay

Wednesday, November 11, 2009, 8a.m.

Crab pots
Goin’ for a ride

Glass pane
Laying on
Bo lagoon
Ripples gone

Sun’s amiss
Behind pillows soft
High above
The city’s loft

Tides a-churn
It’s churn’s turn
Washing sloshing
‘neath burrowed ferns

One lone boarder
Floats across
From Bo to Stin
Sailing albatross

-Right here today on the Bo Bay