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san francisco city boy, semi- managed youngin' runnin' wild...from the beach dreamed then reached to live there, north, twelve short miles

Wed. October 28, 2009, 8am

In the car
A fly stayed the night
Prob’ly closed the bar

It’s ccold
The sun’s just up
Wisps of sea foam
To fill one’s cup

Channel churn
City’s clear
Locals stop me
To bid good cheer

Shorebirds hide
Deep in the sand
Another greeter
Derails my hand

Sea breeze
The big sneeze
Across the land
A high-five grandstand

Right here today on the Bo Bay

Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2009, 8am

Silent roar
Born off shore
Channel middle
Ends the riddle

Fog a-hang
Bursts of grays
Light a-dance
Through purple haze

Gulls a-sit
On Stinson spit
Lap dance tides
Give kelp a ride

Sounds pound
Soft, not knarly
Like blowing winds
‘cross fields of barley

Foam a-fly
Close to the beaches
Sunbeams fire
Melt foam,  the beach leeches

Right here today on the Bo Bay

October 7, 2009, 8am

Hot sun
Morn born
Bay play
Groove smooth

Seal deal
Walk talk
Folks jokes
Water otter

Cool air
Rises off
Incoming still
Gull shrill

Make haste
Be cool
Get yourself
Off to school

Fall’s tall
Makes love
Of all
Without a glove

Right here today
On the Bo Bay

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It is fall
Crispy calls

On the bay

Surfer’s stay


Make a wave

Tilt the bowl

Campers crawl

Out of the small


Camping spots

There aren’t a lot

Of hidden caves

To hide a cot


Day in day out

Beach is bed

Downtown hangouts

The place to get fed


And we’re off

One-quarter left

Of two-thousand nine

Now play out the rest


Right here today, on the Bo Bay



Sept. 23, 2009, 7:30AM

Traffic on Wharf Road
It’s seven-thirty
 Me,  early poet
Hell,  I don’t know it 

Cormorants fly by

Dive and disappear

‘neath Fall foggy skies

Snatch chow



Beaches barren

Save one lone gull

On Stinson spit

And there ain’t no swell


Overhead a rumble

Airplanes they fall fast

Keep an ear, cuz it ain’t clear

Fog’s still in, but it won’t last


A new cormorant sits

The lone gull flits

All wings stretch wide

Then launch into a lofty ride

Sept. 16, 2009, 7:15AM

Gurgling ocean
Channel swirl
Gull on rock
Is it a girl?
How does one tell?

Early morn in the cool

Wrapping this small town

Time to go to gull school


While in this near instant

Feeling the earth turn

Over the ridge top

Seething that sun burn


Blasting shots of glare

Jettison off the channel

Blinding (don’t look at it)

Binding like pajama flannel


Missy gull still sits preening

While toasty at the coasty rises

Skies soft blue, for me and you

Welcome KWMR’s Fall Pledge



Right here today, on the Bo Bay










Wed. September 2, 2009, 8am

Bo town is alive

With folks from far and wide

Coastal ridge

Rising sun

Nifty hamlet for anyone

Josh offers a beer

Walking down the road

Pete’s working the kiosk

From Smiley’s humble abode

Here at the beach

Oh, so calm and true

Simple morning pleasures

As pelicans soar through

Ever notice diesel exhaust?

A truck just turned around

Roaring and a spewing

Blackened air floats to the ground



Bo town


Right here today on the Bo Bay