Bo Bay Today, Wednesday, April 9, 2008, 7:15AM

Bo Bay Today

Feeling-sounds at daybreak
Warm my hands and feet
Furnace fan, the sun’s the man
Feeling-thoughts, a poet’s treat

On this channel, black birds flap
Crash go waves, kerplunk
Campers run, guitars are strummed
Out of nothin’, who’d have thunk?

Sparkling water’s movin’ fast
Racing out to sea
Brightly shiny, smooth as glass
Across it’s face, a flappin’ spree

Something must be really funny
Gulls cacklin’ loud and clear
Act like birds with pocket money
Laughing as if they drank beer!

Ooh, the soft-raged liquid runs
Eddy currents swirl away
Feeling-sounds and thoughts and puns
Breathe life into this springtime day

Right here today
On the bo bay

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