Bo Bay Today, Wed., April 30, 2008, 7:30AM

Bo Bay Today

Piercing beams of sunlight bite
A freezin’ Alaska song
Shinin’ bright, blinding sight
Cold won’t last for long

Tides are risin’ nicely
Yet look like they’re receding
Wind chill incites a thrill
Sheep in the pasture, feeding

Same three, last week seen
Stroll chattering on Stinson
As they amble,  banters ramble
Fido scrambles in the brambles

Bolinas Beach risers move
In cool of morn, quite brisk
Walkin’ pooches on the looses
Waves are flinging snow-white mist

Vast-vacant without shorebirds
Hide nestled in warm spots
By midday they’ll soar the bay
Swoop ‘n dive and chomp-a-lot

Right here today
On the bo bay

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