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Born into morning views of Bolinas Bay,  for the radio program
“Jonny On The
… ‘I come, I see, I write’… happens early every Wednesday morning.  First broadcast occurred in April 2000… I walk, bike or drive to the end of Wharf Road and feel what’s happening.

In the stillness,  pen it/send it,  from the village of Bolinas, CA… …through the airwaves,

within 90 minutes of authorship!  Oh My!

Bolinas,  found (twelve miles as the crow flies),  is a straight sight to San Francisco’s Ocean Beach….’my hometown‘… as a kid,  looking north through the Straits of the Golden Gate, dreamed ’bout the yellow cliffs of Bolinas Beach.  Now,  for you,  find a Fresh-Look-See…in the morning with me…gaze at the fowl-filled BoStin Channel Menagerie!!!

On The Spot Poetry!

Bo Bay Today, “live”,  every Wednesday morning at 8:45A.M...KWMR’s  “Jonny On The Spot”… 90.5FM, Point  Reyes Station, 89.7FM, Bolinas/Beyond

The All Day Music Crew.   Tune-In 7 to 10 A.M.

Streaming live at KWMR.orgCLICK ON-AIRto 

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